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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: English Dictionaries update cycle
Date Mon, 16 May 2016 22:25:04 GMT
Am 05/16/2016 11:46 PM, schrieb Marco A.G.Pinto:
> The other day someone complained in the extension page that he had
> updates all the time.
> I replied to that person saying that I do monthly updates of the British
> speller adding 600+ words.

Interesting, I wouldn't expect such a complaint for a spell checker. ;-)

> I talked with JZA about the update frequency and I would like to know
> your opinion about the update cycle (JZA suggested a 6 month cycle but I
> need more opinions).
> For Mozilla (Firefox + Thunderbird) the monthly is okay since it is a
> small file (400-500 kB) with auto-update and only the British. Also,
> every six weeks  a Mozilla upgrade comes out  and people want the
> dictionary to be compatible with the latest alphas.
> What is your opinion?

I would ask the complainer what he would suggest. Then add the opinions 
from others. At the end you should take this into account and decide for 
yourself what the best update frequence is.

As an extra you can write a short note at the extension webpage about 
the reason for your update frequence. Then others know your motivation.

My 2ct.


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