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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1745006 [3/9] - in /openoffice/trunk/main
Date Sun, 22 May 2016 21:35:31 GMT
Am 05/22/2016 11:16 PM, schrieb Pedro Giffuni:

I'm not Dennis but dare to answer.

> - I have had those changes in my HD for a least a couple of months
> now, I was tired of them,
> - I considered dropping them but it was quite some effort (time),
> and the changes I did to codespell are not public yet.

Good choice.

> - While most of them are just comments, some of the strings are user
> visible and have a real effect.

Even better.

> When your software breaks in some evil way and then reports
> "Unkown error" you know you can't expect much from the product.
> - I of course ran a local build to make sure no breakage was caused.
> - This stuff was getting in the way of more a more important
> project that I am starting (Can't share the details right now).
> So, either I shared it, or I threw it away: if you prefer I just threw
> it away, then just say and we can revert it(!).

Sure, it's not a nice and fancy new feature or a long-wished bugfix. 
However, it's action in the code and that's always good. So, I don't 
want to see this reverted.

> - There is no code review system in Apache OO to handle such changes.
> Trust me: bugzilla won't handle this.

It was more than changing some strings here and there. But only because 
you have collected them and not committed as soon as you have seen them.

Normally I favor to created BZ issues to document code changes more 
detailled. However, for correcting only typos? There is no additional 
value for creating *and* filling all the fields.

> Really, I just wish other committers were more active even when
> what most of them do is not all that technical.

I wish I had more lessions about C/C++ in my eductional past. Then I 
could dive into the abyss of AOO code. ;-)

Thanks for your corrections.


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