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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r1745006 [3/9] - in /openoffice/trunk/main
Date Sun, 22 May 2016 21:16:42 GMT
Hi Dennis;

So you noticed such changes are burdensome ...

The situation is more or less this so that you understand:

- I have had those changes in my HD for a least a couple of months
now, I was tired of them,
- I considered dropping them but it was quite some effort (time),
and the changes I did to codespell are not public yet.
- While most of them are just comments, some of the strings are user 
visible and have a real effect.
When your software breaks in some evil way and then reports
"Unkown error" you know you can't expect much from the product.
- I of course ran a local build to make sure no breakage was caused.
- This stuff was getting in the way of more a more important
project that I am starting (Can't share the details right now).
So, either I shared it, or I threw it away: if you prefer I just threw
it away, then just say and we can revert it(!).
- There is no code review system in Apache OO to handle such changes.
Trust me: bugzilla won't handle this.
- This type of changes may be big but are pretty non-invasive: even
if we had a *real* code review system (something like phabricator),
someone has to take care of the final changes.

While there are some bogus changes, I do think there was an overall
improvement. It appears you got tired of reviewing the changes
(won't blame you) ... may I suggest you just go ahead and *commit*
your reviews?

Maybe I should have created a branch.. but with the high level of
activity in SVN, I think we could handle it ;).

Subversion is made for collaboration and we are seriously 
under-utilizing it. Let's use subversion for what it's meant to do.
Really, I just wish other committers were more active even when
what most of them do is not all that technical.


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