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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Updating APR ...
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 21:12:06 GMT
Hi Dennis;

> Pedro,
> Please say more about what it means to "update APR support carried in AOO."
>  1. Since APR is from an Apache Project, are you talking about relying on it more and/or
> improvements upstream?  <>
>  2. Are you talking about using APR in implementations of more SAL components?
>  3. Are you considering the replacement of (some) usage of the SAL API with APR API usage
> instead?
>  4. Finally, for (1-2), are there not rather important plumbing-architecture matters
> storage and lifecycle manage of components now handled at the SAL, UNO, etc., layers?
>  5. Also, how does this intersect with efforts designed to make AOO into a Java-based
>  I suppose some current concerns about multi-threading and synchronization, mutexes,
> might also come into play.
> It would be valuable to have a roadmap that allows work to be shared and reviewed and
> all of the testing and documentation that will be called for, across platform builds
as handled
> for AOO.
> Perhaps I am reading too much into what you are proposing.  I look forward to your clarification.
>  - Dennis

Hi Dennis,

You are reading too much ;).

All I will do is update a couple of tarballs:

apr 1.4.5      --> apr-1.5.2
apr-util-1.4.1 --> apr-util-1.5.4

In the near future I will reap out the core of rtl_random() and replace
the implementation with the APR equivalent. This will be within SAL, the 
API will remain untouched and the rest of AOO, you won't even notice the 

I am hoping to prepare a presentation about it for the next ApacheConEU.

APR has some nice stuff used by apache-httpd and is very portable:
I think the mutex and pools goodies are good candidates to do the same, 
but this is progressive work and pretty much depends on my spare time.

If the Java replacement plans advance sufficiently to get rid of SAL
then ... great!


On 05/24/16 12:20, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Hello;
> As part of some enhancements I am preparing to generate better random
> numbers, I took a look at the random number generator in SAL and
> I found it's very limited.
> I think even the "regular" KISS PRNG I implemented in Calc does a
> better job generating random numbers but instead of moving my PRNG
> to SAL I will be using the one in APR.
> Looking at the SAL APIs I also think APR can replace much of that
> functionality as well.
> So, just to let you know, I am in the process of updating the APR
> support we carry in AOO: it should be also useful for serf, and we
> could use it for tomcat, which we may want to upgrade and use more
> extensively in the future as well.
> Pedro.

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