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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Independent Entity to Develop and Further AOO
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2016 08:30:03 GMT

> From: Suminda Dharmasena [] 

> I am writing to see if the current AOO Dev team would like to 
> create an
> independent entity which can:
>    - Do trainings
>    - Accept funds and have pay developers
>    - Write commercial books / online tutorials with sponsorship

you're right, but I fear that the general rules of Apache do not allow.

Let me describe the practice:

a problem is the inability to be able to donate directly to a particular Apache project.

In the German OpenOffice community so we have activities besides the official project develop
to be able to act.
One example is, because that is formally an entirely independent
project, but we would rather were part of AOO.

These things concern matters which are only central to clarify with Apache because OpenOffice
is part of Apache and can not act alone, but must take into account the will of all Apache
members, so all Apache projects.

I'd want the very act could the local communities AOO independent, but that they can not do
unilaterally, but only with the consent of all Apache members.

I think we should look for solutions for this purpose, because they are for AOO equally important
as good programmers.

Money is not the only issue, but donations are an important issue. imho it would, for example,
very helpful if the local (national) communities (for example, en, de, it, it, ....) could
collect even donations.
I can very well imagine that an integral part of these donations would then be forwarded to
Apache, but over the rest of the local communities must be able to freely dispose.

The specific problem is that we as could accumulate in Germany every year many thousands of
euros for OpenOffice, but at the same time hardly anyone has interest in Apache generally
to donate.
The result of the overall situation is therefore unfortunately we practice (in Germany) have
no donations for OpenOffice, nor donations for Apache.
This vicious circle needs to be broken.


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