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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Merge with LibreOffice?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:26:38 GMT

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> From: Απόστολος Συρόπουλος []
> Sent: Saturday, August 6, 2016 12:36
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> Subject: ΑΠ: Merge with LibreOffice?
> >> Greetings, dear AOO community.
> >>
> >> Please note first that this message is not supposed to be flaimbait
> or
> >> trolling of any kind.
> >
> >It is. Have a nice day.
> Well it is not! I am Solaris user and sometime ago I tried to compile
> OpenOffice, when
> in fact it should compile on Solaris out-of-the-box... I asked the core
> developers
> to drop support for SunStudio since it assumes one compiles with a
> version that
> shipped with Solaris 9 (the current version of Solaris is 11 and Solaris
> 9 was eoled a
> few years ago...) and it does not compile even with recent versions of
> SunStudio.
> And when I managed to compile everything, I had noticed that OpenOffice
> could
> not open docx and othe zipped document formats. The people of
> LibreOffice
> asked me to incorporate my patches to their source tree (I had of course
> no
> objection). Now LibreOffice compiles just fine under Solaris and there
> are packages
> for all variants of Solaris including the Open version. In a nutshell,
> some people
> listen and care about any user while some others just don't give a
> dime...
> Regards,
> A.S.

The Apache OpenOffice project does not have the capacity for what you are able to find elsewhere.

As you know, the Apache OpenOffice project has never provided a Solaris distribution, although
there were folks who managed to build one themselves.

The same goes for OS/2, although OS/2 patches are contributed back upstream.

There are probably other efforts that we simply don't know about.

The question I am left with is this: If a cousin development provides what you want, why are
you not satisfied with that?

 - Dennis
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