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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: Download Junit and Hamcrest in ./bootstrap?
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 16:53:30 GMT
On 11 Aug, Kay wrote:
> On 08/11/2016 01:42 AM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
>> Hi
>> If you've been checking the buildbots you'll see that all who don't use
>> --without-junit are currently broken in ./configure due to junit being too
>> old. This is unlikely to change, as the buildslaves are running Ubuntu
>> 10.04 which doesn't have newer versions of Junit available in apt.
>> This is part of a bigger problem, which is that Junit's dependencies
>> changed multiple times in the 4.x releases, which is why I changed
>> to need at least 4.11 (the maximum being 4.12).
>> Instead of needing a correct system Junit version to run tests during the
>> build, and having to worry about having correct system versions of Hamcrest
>> on the classpath, should we not rather treat them like external
>> dependencies and download specific versions during ./bootstrap? It's under
>> 300 kB for both, and the bvt/fvt/pvt tests already download their own copy.
>> Damjan
> This would be OK with me. What version of the jre does Junit 4.11
> require? I can't find information about this on the junit site
> --
> Right now, we're still spec'd at jdk 1.6 for everything except Windows,
> but IMO we should advance to 1.7 .

That sounds good to me as well, but are there any issues with installing
a newer jdk on older Linux distributions that we still support?

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