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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: upgrading bundled openssl
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2016 22:39:10 GMT
On 21 Aug, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 19/08/2016 Don Lewis wrote:
>> The upcoming serf upgrade also has a new dependency issue.  It has
>> changed to using scons as its build system, which has its own
>> dependencies, python and m4.  I haven't yet decided what to do about
>> that.
> I may have already given this information elsewhere, but 
> is the reference issue 
> for the serf upgrade and I know there was more than what is written in 
> the issue, so you can ask for clarifications directly there in the comments.
> Also, since serf is an Apache project and OpenOffice is a prominent user 
> of serf, the serf project may be able to advise on a possible 
> "lightweight" build process - even though I don't think there is one 
> different from scons.

I think I'm going to attempt to build with scons.  Windows is likely to
be the most problematic, but even there it it looks like it could be
feasible.  Cygwin comes with m4 and we build a bundled version of
python.  We wouldn't be able to build scons as part of bootstrap like we
do with dmake, but we should be able to build it as part of the main
build between python and serf.  On the other platforms, we could use the
system scons if it is available, or build it like in the Windows port,
but with either system python or bundled python.  We would just add m4
as a prerequisite and have configure check for its presence.

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