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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release 4.2: General Topics
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2016 04:12:09 GMT
On 24 Aug, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Hi Don;
>> On 24 Aug, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>>> On 08/24/16 10:34, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>>>> Hello;
>>> ...
>>>>>   * [low priority] Updated bundled CoinMP.  There has been an API
>>>>>     change, which prevents the FreeBSD port from using the system
>>>>>     version.  Difficulty unknown ...
>>>> This is important, I was unaware of it. Sadly, I don't think I will
>>>> have time for it before the release.
>>> A quick look at this ... FreeBSD is using version 1.8.3 which appears
>>> to be the latest.
>>> AOO could use the same version by default, it's just a matter of getting
>>> the new version to build on all platforms. I think.
>> Unfortunately it is not that easy.  When I was cleaning up the the
>> FreeBSD port a while back, I went through all of the --with-system knobs
>> and CoinMP was one that did not work and broke the build.  My memory is
>> fuzzy, but I think there was an incompatible API change.
> Hmm ... I just looked and the openoffice-devel FreeBSD port is using
> the system coinmp. Actually CoinMP is only a wrapper around the core
> Coin libraries. I have always considered using the core libraries 
> directly as that provides more powerful options but I haven't found
> the time and motivation to work on it.

Hey, you're right.  It was a long time ago when I last worked on the
--with system stuff.

> I did try updating the CoinMP patches and it was not easy/fun. The Mac
> changes are likely to be troublesome.
>> There are some other bundled bits that have the same problem, but CoinMP
>> is big and takes a while to build, which is my main motivation in this
>> case.  ICU also falls into this category, but I already know that it is
>> too difficult.
> Yes, that one is difficult and while Symphony has a most of what we may 
> need, the problem is that it has to be tested "multilingually".

I think even that stuff is pretty far behind the latest ICU.

> I did update most of the components you mention and even gave a talk 
> about it ;).
>> It looks like the others are:
>> 	ucpp
> We are using the latest version.

Hmn, I wonder why the FreeBSD port is using the bundled one.

>> 	mdds
> The developer behind it broke compatibility with the AOO code (on
> purpose, for all I know). The code is actually calling for a replacement 
> but since it works we are leaving it untouched.
>> 	hsqldb
> SUN had a branch with the required changes. I have some WIP patch for 
> that but there are other issues, like the database format is 
> incompatible. I have to spend more time on that but the change is
> worth the rescue.
>> 	libxmlsec
> AOO uses a heavily modified version. Updating it requires a lot of 
> effort, basically forking libxmlsec.
>> 	stax
> This is actually unused and can be thrown away, unless you are still
> using something older than Java 5.
>> 	rhino
> Oh yes, we updated this once but it's category B so there's not a lot of 
> motivation to work on it. Newer java has functionality that can replace it.
>> 	xsltml
> I don't remember well this one. I think it depended on something else 
> and ultimately I was just happy about using the system version.
>> 	saxon
> The latest versions (saxon-he) lack the functionality AOO requires.
> We need to use saxon-B, and there is indeed a newer version but the
> packaging is different to what AOO carries. FreeBSD was using the system 
> one but we stopped using it due to conflicts with the saxon
> from another important package (Scilab),
>> 	icc
> I think Giuseppe Castagno said it wasn't worth the effort and since
> he did the OOo related stuff I didn't look further. I like excuses to
> be lazy :).
>> I do know that saxon is sort of funny case.
> It is only used for very old MS-Office formats. It is probably not worth 
> the effort anyways. LibreOffice replaced it with C code and the author 
> actually offered to relicense it for us but I lost trace of him
> afterwards.
> Hope that helps,
> Pedro.
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