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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release 4.2: General Topics
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2016 23:00:56 GMT
On 25 Aug, To: Don Lewis wrote:
> On 26 Aug, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> On 24/08/2016 Don Lewis wrote:
>>>    * Updated bundled serf to fix a CVE and a WebDAV issue.  The FreeBSD
>>>      port has been using the system version of the latest and greatest.
>> We've been discussing this separately. This will make the build system 
>> even more complex, but it does have advantages and brings to completion 
>> work started with 4.1.2.
>>>    * Handle the Wiki Publisher and PDF Import extensions as integrated
>>>      extensions:
>>>      <>
>>>      I've done some work on this in the FreeBSD port, but I haven't
>>>      tackled the installer part for other platforms.
>> Can you elaborate on this? For example the fact that they shouldn't ping 
>> for updates looks problematic (not so bad, but it will require a 
>> reasonable release pace). And actually the document suggests that 
>> bundled dictionaries are handled as integrated extensions, which is not 
>> the case at the moment - and this allows users to get, for example, a 
>> fresh English dictionary when they wish.
> The versions of these that are online are really old.  The version
> of Wiki Publisher online only works with 3.x, and the PDF importer
> is listed as only being compatible with 4.0.
> Since these can get built as part of the OpenOffice build and seem to
> be version specific, it seems like looking for updates could cause
> problems.  If a user sees and installs an update, the extension gets
> stored as part of that user's profile.  If the user is running an
> older version of OpenOffice and installs an update intended for a newer
> version of OpenOffice, that could cause the application to crash.
> Similarly, if a user has a copy of the extension in his profile and
> upgrades OpenOffice, that could also cause a crash.

I forgot to mention that the PDF Import extension is somewhat
problematic to distribute.  It relies on poppler, which has a GPLv2
license.  We depend on poppler being installed on the system and there
is no option to to bundle it.

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