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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Ready to setup release build machines?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2016 17:28:42 GMT
Seeing the issue from a purely technical point of view (i.e., imagining 
for a while that there is no cost associated and no Infra around), how 
far are we from having an "Apache OpenOffice build farm" where we can 
build releases?

Note: this is not a buildbot. Buildbots are meant to check that the 
build is not broken. They do create install sets, but for example the 
Linux builds wouldn't be as compatible as the ones we build on CentOS 5. 
What I mean here is VMs able to build a release.

I think that within two-three weekends I could theoretically be able to 
setup a Linux-based VM host and two KVM-based VMs running CentOS 5 (32 
and 64 bit) that would be able to build releases and that could have 
shared access (i.e., not only me but other active PMC members). But this 
would only cover a small subset of users.

What about Windows? Would someone be able, under the same hypothesis, to 
add a Windows VM to the stack? This would bring us much closer to full 

And what about Mac? If I recall correctly, one is tied with Apple 
hardware for MacOS X. What would be a way to bring Mac builds under 
"collective" control?


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