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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: Resurrecting the subsequent tests
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2016 23:18:15 GMT
On 08/09/2016 12:21 PM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> Hi
> Now that the buildbots work, and we are planning to start with releases
> again, it would be nice to have a good set of tests to run against
> releases, and running them against nightly builds wouldn't hurt either.
> Our unit tests do run during the build and pass, but they cover very
> little. Sady, even the subsequent tests ("OOO_SUBSEQUENT_TESTS=1 build" in
> a module) fail badly.
> Firstly all recent JUnit versions need Hamcrest at run-time, or they throw
> ClassNotFoundException. As of r1755627 which I committed a few minutes ago,
> this can be specified in --with-hamcrest-core, and trying "./configure
> --with-junit" without it will fail. The versions you'll need are JUnit >=
> 4.11 and Hamcrest = 1.3. It's currently fixed in gbuild modules only.
> Next we have the widely used but missing
> org.openoffice.test.OfficeConnection class, which was mysteriously deleted
> by liuzhe in r1378870:
>     D /incubator/ooo/trunk/main/test/source
> possibly by accident as the commit message is "Updates for Enabling Daily
> Testing". This was in test.jar which is still a widely listed dependency.
> It is not easy to undelete that directory as "main/test/" was later moved
> to just "test/" and repurposed for QA tests. Should we rather resurrect the
> old main/test/source in another module, possibly qadevOOo?

I searched and found many variations of this file depending on what it's 
used for.

It's probably better to resurrect it somewhere to get the correct one.

I don't know enough about the module layout to have an opinion on where.

Thanks for working on this. I would like to work on unit tests when I 
get more time.


> The paths to the OpenOffice instance to test are also outdated, but that's
> easy to fix.
> Damjan

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