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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Ready to setup release build machines?
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2016 17:46:14 GMT
On 19/08/2016 Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I thought that the basic requirement is that the release manager(s) do
> any builds on a machine under their [exclusive] individual control.

This way one would need to rely on individual volunteers to coordinate 
for a release. It is not impossible, of course. All our Apache 
OpenOffice releases have used this model so far. But a shared 
environment allows for knowledge sharing. And a developer can always 
clone the shared VM locally for total control on his builds (assuming 
trust between the PMC members having access). Or he can rebuild his 
environment from scratch, but always with a "reference" VM that he can 

Anyway I'm not going to start the effort unless someone says that this 
could be useful for Windows builds too.

> I believe that Andrea has the private key that was issued for that but we have not managed
to use it to sign the code.

It was time-limited and it expired. I'm not sure what Infra decided to 
do (they were examining options for code signing, with no big preference 
for the solution in use; this was about 6 months ago).

> That private key is precious and is not to be shared.

The understanding in this case is that it shouldn't be on shared 
infrastructure. But the other benefits of shared environments still hold.


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