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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: Last call for 4.1.3 patches
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 18:25:40 GMT
On 14 Sep, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> Should this go in 4.1.3 or in 4.1.4?
> 4.1.3 will not be able to move on to building and testing unless we cut 
> off additions at some point. I think that point has already passed, but 
> I'm open to arguments.

Have all of the necessary download site changes made it from trunk to
4.1.3?  The released source tarball for 4.1.3 won't include anything in
ext_sources that comes from svn, so we need to verify that bootstrap
succeeds with an empty ext_sources directory.

It would also be nice to merge r1758093 from trunk to update to suggest the proper download URL for the dmake source.
The old URL no longer works.

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