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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: What would OpenOffice NON-retirement involve?
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 19:06:52 GMT
Bruce Byfield wrote:

> On September 2, 2016 10:59:55 AM Phillip Rhodes wrote:
>>OK, counter-point to the other thread... let's talk specifically about
>>what needs to happen next, given that some (plenty|most|all|???) of us
>>want this project to
>>continue moving forward.
>>What has to happen next?  What is the most important thing/things we
>>could be
>>working on?  What could I do *right now* to help move things in a
>>positive direction?
>>How can we attract more developers?  How do we counter the FUD that is
>>already being promulgated in response to the "retirement" discussion?
>> etc...
> If you excuse the comment from an outsider, I suggest the question you
> need to answer is: What can Apache OpenOffice offer that related
> projects like LibreOffice cannot?

That is not an important question: OpenOffice was never meant to be a 
replacement to LibreOffice, or Calligra for that purpose. This was
never a war between opensource suites.

The question is indeed what we want OpenOffice to be. Should it be a 
faithful, but free-er, replacement to (as it appears
to be right now) or do we want to evolve in a completely different
direction? And then if we are being asked to simply move faster to
no-where we can resist such invitation.

Yes, I know the answer may sound vague to an outsider but I am assuming
some people are really looking for when they download
Apache OpenOffice. They may not necessarily want a green thing with 
different GUI and different behavior.


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