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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: The AOO build system
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 20:44:32 GMT
Phillip Rhodes wrote:
> Forgive my level of ignorance here, but I haven't been a very active
> participant to this point, so there's a lot I don't know.

Forgive my terseness, but I want to add as little as possible to today's 
traffic... but I appreciate this attitude a lot and just ask if you need 

> 1. What is the main problem with the build system as it is?

It's ugly. I recall you once built OpenOffice, right? It is not the easy 
configure + make. Still, it works and the build system is not standing 
in the way for a release.

> 2. Do we need a whole new system, or just incremental improvements to
> what we have?

In 4.2.0 we have merged significant improvements. What we have is enough 
for the time being.

> 3. Regarding Mac in particular, I'll repeat this question from an earlier
> thread:  Does the ASF have Mac hardware for doing Mac builds, or are we
> dependent solely on developer machines for that?

All OpenOffice releases have always been built on machines under control 
of individual developers.

> 5. Other than Mac builds, are any other platforms especially limited or
> restricted in any way?

Our reference environments are described at ; 
the build system itself is not a huge obstacle. I concede that a 
newcomer will find it hard, but you mastered it, so you are one of the 
few who actually know whether it is too hard.

> 6. Do we still build for OS/2? :-)

We don't support it officially. Volunteers do it as a third-party port 
but they do contribute code to the project, so for example 4.1.2 saw a 
number of changes that were meant to make the OS/2 build possible.


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