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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Presence at ApacheCon Europe, November
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2016 09:55:18 GMT
I had planned to send an exploratory mail to see who was considering, or 
even just available, to attend ApacheCon in November. We can't pretend 
that nothing happened in the last 36 hours, so this reflects in the 
current mail, but the question (and the tight deadline) still holds.

ApacheCon Europe will be in 
Sevilla, southern Spain, 16-18 November; a separate Big Data event will 
take place in the days just before it. As usual, it is an ASF-wide event 
where many topics are not of direct interest to OpenOffice enthusiast, 
and vice versa; but it is also a rare and important occasion for the 
project members to meet in person and for meeting in person with the 
Infra team and the occasional Board members.

My experience is that every time I attended I found some value in it; 
just to make an example, sitting together with Infra helped solving 
immediately several structural issues that would have significantly 
delayed the 4.1.2 release last year.

For this year, I believe it makes sense to either go as a group or skip 
entirely (you can call it boycotting, but I prefer not to echo the tone 
of some recent messages to this list).

I would prefer the former option, which would imply:
- At least 4-5 active PMC members attend
- Each of them submits a talk next week (by 9 Sept)
- We schedule half a day of sessions focused, presumably, on what each 
of us has to say in preparation for a new release
- We skip all other sessions and spend the rest of time actually doing 
work together for OpenOffice and benefiting from having Infra and/or 
Board members around
- We have a fund for events that we can use to refund travel expenses of 
participants from all over the world; probably the time has come to spend it
- Note: this also assumes that sessions are actually accepted, otherwise 
we pay 275 USD each for admission but at that point we'd have to 
consider if this is worth it

The latter option (not going) of course does not require anything, but 
I'd still prefer to get an "I'm not coming" note especially from 
Europe-based PMC members.


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