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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Help Wanted
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:25:35 GMT
Eric Bastarache wrote:
> My name is Eric Bastarache and I have experience in both web design and development,
and I am interested in contributing to improving the look of the website(s) for OpenOffice.

Welcome! Both the web and the code areas of OpenOffice require a bit of 
patience; we can guide you through all details (probably Marcus, who is 
the most prolific contributor to the website, will step in) but I'll 
give you some basic information on how the OpenOffice site differs from 
an ordinary site.

First, it's all static HTML and markdown. Yes, no CMS, no preprocessing, 
no PHP, nothing. We do have some limited preprocessing in the form of 
server-side includes for some common DIVs, but that's all. JavaScript is 
used extensively to cope with server-side restrictions.

The site is built through SVN commits. You can checkout the site (a few 
GBytes) with
$ svn co
As for building it locally, it uses an ASF (Apache Software Foundation) 
thing that is known as "the CMS" but has little to do with any CMS you 
would consider.

CSS: We are not using any CSS frameworks at the moment; not even JS 
frameworks despite the quite active use of JavaScript. Adopting one, 
though, wouldn't be an obstacle, since the site is built from static 
content anyway (so one would either use SASS and "watch" the files with 
Compass, or compile the CSS in any other way before committing).

Are you prepared to work with this constraints? Then we'd love to get 
some help and we can continue the discussion! If you have expertise with 
more modern web systems, we could still use your help somehow, so don't 
be scared in case.


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