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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Question about binary upload process
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2016 22:23:55 GMT
Marcus wrote:
> Am 09/09/2016 04:38 PM, schrieb Dave Brondsema:
>> On 9/8/16 6:31 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> 2) Whoever is in the best position to do so, uploads the binaries to
>>> the ASF.
>>> This can be done also by multiple people, who upload to different
>>> subdirs here:

I'll expand a bit more: this is done through SVN commit. This page has up-to-date information, 
and it's likely Patricia already stumbled upon it.

If you need a more precise estimate, the upload of artifacts took about 
48 hours; the upload of the same artifacts to SourceForge took about 2 
hours. I hope (and kind of assume) that the ASF servers performance is 
now better.

>> Additionally, as the files are rsync'd up to SourceForge, they start
>> getting
>> pushed out to SourceForge's mirrors which can take some time too.  You
>> can click
>> the "i" icon for a file to see how many mirrors it is on so far.

In the 4.1.2 case I was quite surprised in positive since the files were 
immediately available for download. Then I don't recall now if I 
activated (with instructions from Marcus) the flag for "staging" it, but 
it was discussed back at the time.

>>> Let me add that Infra provided good support for 4.1.2, especially for
>>> RC1 when
>>> we needed some significant configuration changes to accommodate our
>>> RC. These
>>> changes are now permanent.

Let me also add that that a major breakthrough there was that I was able 
to sit with Infra during ApacheCon and explore multiple solutions. 
Seeing the little interest in attending ApacheCon now, I think we can't 
rely on an ApacheCon sprint now. Though, I think no changes are needed 
at the moment.


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