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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Status of ASF Ubuntu Buildbots
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 15:44:51 GMT
Gavin McDonald wrote:
> What we do have is two (imho) useless ‘snapshot’ builds (based on openoffice/tags/SNAPSHOT
> - Which hasn’t had a commit in 10 months and never will have because its a ‘tag’.

...which would be true if we were using SVN the textbook way, but for 
historical reasons we aren't.

The SNAPSHOT tag is meant to be moved (deleted and recreated with svn 
copy) by the release manager to mark a milestone towards the next release.

> So I’ll remove those builds and replace them with 413 branch builds.
> Unless someone objects.

This would make sense and align us to more "normal" practices. The 
convenience of the SNAPSHOT tag was that people providing binary 
releases had a simple reference for the build (i.e., just SNAPSHOT 
instead of a revision number). With more stable builbots we can probably 
use the latest commit at build time, i.e., simply track AOO413 HEAD as 
you suggest.


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