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From "John D'Orazio" <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 23:10:44 GMT
On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Xen <> wrote:

> R. Mark Aldrich schreef op 28-09-2016 22:55:
> Section 5 starts with
>> "A useful shortcut notation you will often see on the lists.", which
>> makes sense if you read it as Yoda, but I think it would make more
>> sense to change it to "You will often see useful shortcut notations on
>> the lists."
> That has a different meaning.
> The author is not saying that you will often see useful shortcut notations
> on the lists. The phrase references a part that has not been uttered, so
> you would have to say something like "Some useful .... you may come across
> on the lists are "dev" and "..." as abbreviations of mailing lists" --
> because the existing statement consists of parts, and so if you want to put
> it "back together" you must unite those parts.
> In general you cannot rewrite individual statements, you must rewrite the
> whole thing if you want the text to keep its flow and consistency and
> meaning.
> It's the same as
> "Something you may want to know about... Yesterday I came across something
> I want you to know, and it is that ...". It is just a way of conversing, or
> phrasing things.
> or
> "That thing I was thinking about. You have heard it before. It is ...".
> So if you change it, you must at least rewrite the whole section. But
> ideally you would change the whole thing (in style) ;-).
> Personally I would only do so if I thought a different style would be more
> readable and more comfortable or convenient as a way of relaxing.
> Less staccato, and more fluid, perhaps.
> Anyway, just saying ;-).
> However the current style precisely expresses what it needed to express.
> Fixing stuff and then discovering that the result is worse than before is
> not a good way to spend time ;-).
> Regards.

I still don't quite get what this phrase is trying to express, and it
really sounds like Yoda to me too. I would certainly try to rephrase it so
it flows better. My understanding is that this is what it's trying to get
"You will often find in the mailing lists that a shortcut notation is used
to refer to the same lists. Writing a list name in full, like can be tedious. So you will often see it called
just "dev"."

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John R. D'Orazio

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