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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2017 11:20:50 GMT
> From: Dave Fisher [] 

> Read to the bottom. Don't mistake my opposition to the 
> following statement as opposition to a way forward to funding 
> of a third party.
> > and one more note:
> > Our PMC is a PMC of an Apache project and it must be loyal 
> to the ASF and the OpenOffice project.
> > If, however, there are single points that are contentious, 
> then the PMC must first represent the interests of OpenOffice.
> Not true. 

Are you clear what the difference is between different opinions and the determination that
someone says something untrue?

My opinion is my opinion and not the untruth, because my opinion is not a representation of
facts, but only describes what I want or prefer.

> I am a Member of the Apache Software Foundation. 
> That is just like a shareholder. For me that comes first. 
> Then come PMC memberships and AOO is but one of mine.

OK, I'll remember.

> A clear separation between the third party and the ASF and 
> the project MUST be kept.

Exactly so _I_ see this synonymous and therefore I want the OpenOffice _within_ the ASF Apache
is further developed. Others see it differently and I have to accept it.

> I am ALL for a third party. Any developers and other 
> employees/volunteers from that group who demonstrate merit 
> here would have my support for committer status.


> A third party might have a distribution powered by Apache 
> OpenOffice. That could solicit. 

yes, clear ... but:

_Absolutely no interest on my part._

I want help to improve the original (=OpenOffice) and not a software only based on OO. Otherwise,
I could also work for LibreOffice.


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