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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: What is the oldest Linux that AOO can run on? Is there a policy wrt baseline libraries/distro release?
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2017 22:55:25 GMT
On 13/01/2017 Fernando Cassia wrote:
> I wonder what are the older Linux version that AOO-current (whatever
> is the latest version) will run on?

Version 4.1.3 is built on CentOS 5 with glibc 2.5.

> And I'm trying to create a VM with the oldest possible, still
> supported Linux version, with AOO on it.
> CentOS 5.5 is still a target platform?

We use the latest CentOS 5, so this would be CentOS 5.11. But binaries 
will work on all the CentOS 5.x series and everything newer than it 
(which basically means any modern, non-modern and even quite old 
Linux-based desktop system).

> And going forward, what do you plan to use as a base? is there a
> policy? like "the oldest version of CentOS still supported"? or
> "latest CentOS -1" or what?

For the current 4.1.x series the baseline is so far going to stay CentOS 
5.x; I expect we may want to revise this after 4.1.4 is released, but 
for the moment this was not discussed.

> Or are the AOO Linux binaries just expected to work on any Linux
> regardless of glibc version?

They will need glibc >= 2.5; this requirement is deliberately chosen  so 
that it is satisfied by virtually all Linux-based desktop systems 
available today.


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