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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2017 23:23:12 GMT

> From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 

> I am puzzled a little bit about the idea of "loyalty to the 
> original" OpenOffice.
>  1. The original was operated by a proprietary 
> company, although the code was made available as open-source. 
>  But ownership was held by Sun Microsystems for their 
> proprietary purposes.  There was great value to 
>, but not so much because it was open-source.  
> I think key benefits were support for ODF format, 
> multiple-platform support, and degree of support for 
> Microsoft formats.  There was no open-source governance in 
> this arrangement.
>      When LibreOffice forked that code, as the license 
> allowed, some were unhappy in any case.
>  2. When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, 
> became their property in the same manner as at Sun.
>  3. When Oracle concluded that continuation of 
> was not in their interests, they chose to grant the ASF a 
> license to use the code base and to provide it under a 
> license of the ASF's choosing (always Apache License of 
> course).  This is how Apache OpenOffice arose.  AOO became 
> Apache Project after being in Apache Incubator.  People 
> interested in supporting signed-up to 
> contribute to the incubator and some formed the original 
> Project Management Committee for AOO.  AOO has always been an 
> Apache Project.
> What "original OpenOffice" is thought of here?

This is simply the current OpenOffice, under a free license, no matter who owns the name rights.

The owners of the name rights (Sun, Orcle, Apache) come and go, but OpenOffice remains.


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