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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2017 10:11:56 GMT
Hallo Raphael, 

> From: Raphael Bircher [] 

> You got here something wrong. It's not needed to make a fork. 
> You can do  
> the whole work at Apache OpenOffice. You have only to follow the  
> Development guide lines of OpenOffice. But that's not a 
> problem I think.
> The only thing that has to be done outside ASF is the 
> founding. And you  
> don't collect Money for OpenOffice itself. You collect money 
> to develop  
> some features or to fix a list of bugs. This is a small bat 
> important  
> difference. And you collect the money not as the ASF or 
> Apache OpenOffice,  
> you collect it as an individual.

Yes, that is correctly described. 
And so I have a problem, because it means sailing under the wrong flag. 

At least that is _my_ opinion. Opinion - no question of right or wrong.

> The development will go the ordinary way. there is no 
> difference between  
> paid work and volunteered work.

I think there is a difference. When users pay for programming, they have a right
to be programmed for what they pay for.

But how do you guarantee that if the whole process does not take place in the
project? What if the AOO community specific programmed features contradicts?

By the way:
What is your personal opinion as a AOO-PMC member? Does your loyalty first
OpenOffice or Apache?

My problem is that I still until recently believed that all AOO-PMC members are
loyal to OpenOffice, but Dave's statement makes me thoughtful.


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