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From Mathias Röllig <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2017 14:52:33 GMT

You all talking about the standalone product. It is a good point but 
only a piece.
Many companies need to import MS document formats. They don't have the 
choice to teach all customers to send an other document format.
So for the acceptance there is a big need to improve the import filters.
As I remember this was the most important topic before IMB left the AOO 
And this is also a big problem for many, many users and companies 
(government, insurance, advocate, handicraft and so on), who are working 
with special software which is producing files in MS document formats.
Many software uses explicit MSO to produce this files.
For this clientele mostly all features that AOO provides is enough, 
mostly more as enough - BUT import of MS document format and/or using 
AOO as front-end for the specialised software is missing and is the main 
reason against AOO.


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