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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 11:38:30 GMT

> From: Peter Kovacs [] 

> But in my eyes we need a way to ensure project health and 
> turn towards 
> the community we have. We were last year at the edge of project 
> retirement. We are slowly fighting our way out by pure 
> voluntary work of 
> people that belive in the market name Open Office.


> I think LibreOffice are to a certain degree correct. The ASF is not 
> capable to do the Project Open Office at this Point. The structure of 
> Libre Office is a much more healthy one for the kind of Project 
> Libre/Open Office is.

Yes, unfortunately, the relevant criticism of LO is correct.

But one thing should be quite clear:
The solution is not to join LO, but the solution is: we need to improve ourselves.

> However I think we can build a similar powerfull structure if 
> not more 
> powerfull. At the same time we must walk in Sync with the ASF.


Peter has said a lot about what I find right.

Likewise, I believe that it is necessary to use time to clarify these things, even if this
time is initially missing for the programming.
The point is, the better structures will improve our efficiency in the long run.

and one more note:
Our PMC is a PMC of an Apache project and it must be loyal to the ASF and the OpenOffice project.
If, however, there are single points that are contentious, then the PMC must first represent
the interests of OpenOffice.


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