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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Re: Community building: give our User a chance to contribute!
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2017 23:16:22 GMT
Hi Jörg

Am .01.2017, 22:16 Uhr, schrieb Jörg Schmidt <>:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Dennis E. Hamilton []
>> Apache Projects all produce software free to the public.
>> Nothing more.
> Is a office-programming-projekt under Apache Licence not a free project?
>> Coming into the Incubator means operating
>> under the Incubator PMC with an existing *software* project
>> that can stand on its feet better as part of Apache Community.
> yes, clear
>> I think it is appropriate to find the simplest thing that can
>> possibly work.
>> I recommend following Raphael's recommendation.
> Sorry, but my interest is the original (= Openoffice) and no third party  
> project.
> I do not think the ASF would allow a crowd funding campaign for AOO <TM>  
> and a crowd funding campaign war Raphaels suggestion.
>> If at least
>> that can work, then one has a foundation for something.
> Yes, for a third party project ... for that I have no interest.

You got here something wrong. It's not needed to make a fork. You can do  
the whole work at Apache OpenOffice. You have only to follow the  
Development guide lines of OpenOffice. But that's not a problem I think.

The only thing that has to be done outside ASF is the founding. And you  
don't collect Money for OpenOffice itself. You collect money to develop  
some features or to fix a list of bugs. This is a small bat important  
difference. And you collect the money not as the ASF or Apache OpenOffice,  
you collect it as an individual.

The development will go the ordinary way. there is no difference between  
paid work and volunteered work.

Regards, Raphael

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