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From Pedro <>
Subject Re: Help Please!!!!
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2017 10:29:55 GMT
Hi Jean

> Hi, please can you help me? We were having problems with the computer
> - so using WINDOWS 8.1 FOR SENIORS AND DUMMIES (a book which is
> supposed to help people solve computer problems at home) we carried
> out the instructions REFRESH A MISBEHAVING COMPUTER that said it would
> not remove any APPS installed but it did!

Maybe it didn't. Possibly it just reset file associations (a list that 
tells the computer to open one type of file such as e.g. a spreadsheet 
with Calc)

> After doing this we found that all the Desktop items (put on using
> Apache Word Pad Spreadsheet) were still there but when we clicked on
> them we got cryptic wording and figures (which looks like programming
> script or something) but are unable to get the correct script back
> with writing in English.

This means that it is opening the files with the wrong program. It 
doesn't mean that the file is destroyed.

> Unfortunately I do not have any copies of the info - all my Address
> Lists are amongst these 'scrambled' lists - please can you help me get
> them back?

Do not worry. Your files seem to be intact. They are just opening with 
the wrong program.

> Since Refreshing, per Dummies Book, I lost Apache and have had to 
> re-install it?

That is probably the simplest way to solve this. If that doesn't fix it, 
feel free to email me with more details.

Kind regards,

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