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From Jorg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Increase the number of tables in Calc
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:09:08 GMT
> From: Pedro [] 

> Even if you can increase the number of sheets, the most important 
> question is: does ODF support this?

I would have to check, but I do not violate the LO / TDF against the ODF standard.

> Regarding how many sheets: why doesn't AOO let the user 
> decide? 

That's exactly what it's all about.
Even today, Calc files have only 3 tables and it's decision of the user to create
more. However, there is a limit (256) to the top, and this limit should be

> Gnumeric 
> has an option to allow the user to select the number of rows 
> and columns 
> in a sheet (since at least 2011). Why not add that and also allow to 
> select the maximum number of sheets?

That is _exactly_ the point.

Only this is a practical question, because the table number should increase as
soon as possible and if unlimited number does not go immediately is initially 1024
better than no improvement.

> Of course this would create a spreadsheet file that could 
> only be opened 
> in AOO... 

LO and MS Excel can also open such files ... already today.

> If ODF supports this but other implementers don't, 
> how could 
> users be warned that data is lost when they open the file in 
> any other 
> ODF editor?

It displays a warning, as it is already today in the case AOO.


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