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From Pedro <>
Subject Re: Increase the number of tables in Calc
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 09:33:33 GMT

> In case (a), the table number should be increased _in the short term_,
> for example to 1024. (more is better, but 1024 would already be a good
> value for now)

Even if you can increase the number of sheets, the most important 
question is: does ODF support this?

Regarding how many sheets: why doesn't AOO let the user decide? Gnumeric 
has an option to allow the user to select the number of rows and columns 
in a sheet (since at least 2011). Why not add that and also allow to 
select the maximum number of sheets?

Of course this would create a spreadsheet file that could only be opened 
in AOO... If ODF supports this but other implementers don't, how could 
users be warned that data is lost when they open the file in any other 
ODF editor?

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