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Subject 4.1.4_release_blocker requested: [Issue 127253] Update the banners with the new ASF Logo
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2017 12:02:59 GMT
Matthias Seidel <> has asked	for 4.1.4_release_blocker:
Issue 127253: Update the banners with the new ASF Logo

--- Comment #13 from Matthias Seidel <> ---
Committed r1782401.
Committed r1782502.

With "Apache_OpenOffice_4.2.0_Win_x86_install_de_1782502.exe" I can confirm
that the graphics are back in the Windows installer.

If you use GIMP, be sure to save the BMPs with 24bit color and DO NOT save
color space information (which GIMP does by default), as the NSIS installer
does not like that.

I can not test the graphics for Mac, but as they are PNG I don't think there
will be a problem.

It would be great to have that in 4.1.4 so I am asking for release blocker

(And sorry for the long list of commits...)

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