Hi Marcus!

Shure, I attach a screenshot of the part of installationprocess I am talking about.

The text say:

"Files that's used
Some files that need to be uppdated is in use at the moment.

The following software use files that need to be updated at installation. Close the software and klick Try again to proccesed.

Google Chrome (Process Id: 1440)"

If you want to see the text in english I can download the English version of OpenOffice and try intalling it, I guess it will show the same. Right now I use the Swedish verison.


Från: Marcus <marcus.mail@wtnet.de>
Skickat: den 4 februari 2017 09:41
Till: dev@openoffice.apache.org
Kopia: Samuel Natan Freiholtz
Ämne: Re: Why do OpneOffice need to change Google Chrome?!
Am 04.02.2017 um 05:33 schrieb Samuel Natan Freiholtz:
> I was about to install OpenOffice when I was informed I had to close Google Chrome because changes needed to be made to that application by OpenOffice. Why? Why Do OpenOffice need to change Google Chrome??

OpenOffice doesn't change Chrome.

Do you have any more information for us? Otherwise we cannot help here.