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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla
Date Sun, 21 May 2017 08:01:17 GMT

> From: Peter Kovacs [] 

> Imho looking for Companies & Investors is the route Libre is moving. 

One word:
The TDF is not the kind of foundation that the OOo community once wanted. The TDF is a money
and PR machine for companies and LO is as dependent on these companies as once OOo of Oracle
or Sun.
I see people in the LO-community who work a lot but have little to say. Well-known people,
who once advanced and enjoyed respect there.

> I don't think doing the same is smart. 
> I would rather prefer the opposite direction and focus on 
> community building. 
> And that is something we can do without any programmer skills. 
> We can claim that we are not bound today to anyone. The 
> structure of Apache makes sure of that, I think this is 
> something we differ a lot from TDF and we should utilize. 
> Also I think we should try to do a bit of old school Open 
> Source. No market focus for devs, rather go for the tech thingy. 
> I think we have to much competition on our minds.

This would not be my way, but if developers want to follow this path, and a good software
is generated, then this good software (relatively) automatically gets market meaning.
Therefore, I will _not_ contradict this way, when it is the way which the developers want.


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