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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla
Date Sat, 20 May 2017 10:50:07 GMT
Le 20/05/2017 à 06:23, Jörg Schmidt a écrit :
> (a)
> We do not have enough developers (ok, we have to see what the future brings)
Well, that's the key point I guess.

> (b)
> The existing developers work voluntarily and do what they want - how do we get them to
fix _specific_ bugs?
> Please understand what I mean: there are issues (respectively bug reports) that are important
for the users, but not interesting for the developers. How do we motivate developers to work
on _these_ issues?
> [...]
> We could put 50 issues to vote for each release of OO separately and fix the 10 which
get the most votes from users.
> By this I do not mean to fix only 10 bugs per release, but the developer's willingness
to fix 10 specific bugs, which interest the users, in addition to fixed, no matter whether
the developers keep these bugs important.
Who would cast a vote? Users? I doubt they would engage again in such process. They already
can vote for bugs. Some have hundreds of votes and nothing is done. What "trust" they could
have in a new list to vote on? Or it should at least be a list of bugs acknowledged to be
solvable with the limited resources still at hand.

For the record, in the forum, we tag all the topics that deals with a reported issue, it's
easy to spot them, they have the [Issue] tag in the topic title and the red flame as icon,
see this query:

They key point is IMHO the motivation from free resources (not very coordinated). We cannot
force people to work on specific bugs. What is at stake for devs? Fame? Pair recognition?
Drilling by improving something big (AOO) in the meantime?
Users point of view, I see 2 key bugs that are too frequent in the users forum:
- Files reduced to ### (may require core code change linked to the save process)
- Dictionary lost (resetting the profile is a mere workaround). The bug was closed but I doubt
the fix was really one since we still see this very often.


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