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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Old AOO referencing in Google
Date Wed, 10 May 2017 21:21:47 GMT
Am 10.05.2017 um 21:07 schrieb Hagar Delest:
> A user raised this strange result: when performing a Google search with
> "openoffice download", the 3.4.1 version is the 3rd choice, this tends
> to present the 3.4.1 version as a not that old one. Is there a way to
> change that from the AOO site?
> See:
> By curiosity, I tried with Bing. The first result is... Office 365! then
> non official sites and the official one in 5th position only.
> Yahoo does not show 3.4.1 (even if the results are rather similar to
> those from Bing).

interesting topic. Of course, I've also tried a Google search with 
"openoffice download" and got:

- Not a single link to any webpages for a 3.4.1 download (I've only 
looksed at the first 5 result pages).

So, there must be something special in the kind of seaching that the 
user is doing.

However, it doesn't matter. There is no reason to provide download pages 
to offer outdated versions - based on w.oo.o. Of course we cannot 
influence what others are offering on their webpages.

I've deleted the webpage that is mentioned in the result page the user 
has posted in the screenshot. As soon as Google is re-indexing our 
website I expect that this special webpage is recognized as deleted and 
therefore no longer in the search results.



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