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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla
Date Sun, 21 May 2017 13:22:56 GMT
Hi Jörg,

To think positively what should be the project's development goals? I think if we are going
to attract developers and companies we need an agenda or rough roadmap.

Here are some of mine. I am sure others differ.

(1) investigate and fix security holes.
(2) frequent releases.
(3) near one to one conversion to and from Microsoft Office.
(4) deconflicted feature requests.

What do people think?


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On May 21, 2017, at 3:36 AM, Jörg Schmidt <> wrote:

>> From: Marcus [] 
>> maybe, but I was talking about more than just developers. 
>> Sure, we need 
>> more but we need also man-power to work on the additional reports. 
>> Currently we have a large number of them open and it won't 
>> get less in 
>> the future when the proposal comes true. ;-)
> My answer is simple and very clear:
> Why should you edit bugreports (I mean in Bugzilla etc.) as long as you are _not_ sure,
in continuation of this work, then also programmers fix the bugs?  
> Sorry, this is my honest answer.
>> In project of volunteers we haven't hard arguments to say 
>> what one "has" 
>> to do (like salary, promotion, more things that work well in 
>> the private 
>> economy business).
> Interesting answer, because it makes a mistake of the ASF clear: there is no way to donate,
for individual projects. (except for large single donations)
> _But this is not my topic today._
>> But in general, I would also expect that there is a base of 
>> self-motivation and an eye for the important things.
> Perhaps, but: expectation is not reality and in reality there is this view (so far) not
> But I do not want to discuss further, because it makes no sense as long as the individual
interests of the volunteers are defended against the interests of the project ... Sorry.
> Why is my answer so negative?
> Because I am longer than 10 years in the OpenOffice-project and always hear the same
answers. Answers that do not bring us forward.
> Jörg
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