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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla
Date Sat, 20 May 2017 04:23:10 GMT

> From: Marcus [] 

> absolutely, we need volunteers that would then work on these bug 
> reports. Assumed they *are* valid bugs and not "how can I do this and 
> that" questions. ;-)

yes, right, but that's not what I mean.

I mean we need developers who fix the bugs. And there are two problems:

We do not have enough developers (ok, we have to see what the future brings)

The existing developers work voluntarily and do what they want - how do we get them to fix
_specific_ bugs?
Please understand what I mean: there are issues (respectively bug reports) that are important
for the users, but not interesting for the developers. How do we motivate developers to work
on _these_ issues?


A spontaneous suggestion for (b)

We could put 50 issues to vote for each release of OO separately and fix the 10 which get
the most votes from users.
By this I do not mean to fix only 10 bugs per release, but the developer's willingness to
fix 10 specific bugs, which interest the users, in addition to fixed, no matter whether the
developers keep these bugs important.

Such an approach would increase user satisfaction ... and perhaps there will be another chance
for the future:

Interested developers can (externally) create a kind of OpenOffice-crowdfunding - an online
overview with issues and for each issue a certain donation sum - if the users donate this
sum, the issue is immediately fixed.
This is a bit similar to Raphael's suggestion, but it is very concrete, concrete money for
the removal of concrete bugs.
This also means (or can olso mean) small donations for small bugs, for example, 20 euros for
removing an incorrect label on a button.

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