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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: ooowiki continuation (was: Re: OpenOffice)
Date Tue, 09 May 2017 05:32:50 GMT

> From: Thorsten Behrens [] 

> I think at the time of your posting, that topic was somewhat on
> hold/stalled. Being 2 months late to a discussion sometimes gets you
> no reaction, simply because noone has anything to add (you were
> already referencing the original libreoffice de-discuss thread).

I think we both know that the reasons are others.
> If wants to be a stakeholder, we can certainly include
> you (or other reps) in the technical discussions.

No thanks. is an independent forum.

> Perhaps an option to discuss further details would be the upcoming
> community meeting of the LibreOffice DE-project (probably on the
> weekend June 25th, location TBD)? Let me know if you'd like to be kept
> in the loop there.

Thanks, but I'm working for Apache OpenOffice. For my voluntary work that is
enough for me.

But please do not worry, professionally, I also provide support for LibreOffice.

Maybe I would also like to be a participant in the LibreOffice Certification
Program, but I am a free spirit and prerequisites such as a) in:

are unfortunately too political for me.
imho: good support requires good professional knowledge, but not the uncritical
commitment to an organization.


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