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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject [Discussion] build tool
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 14:11:39 GMT
Hello all,

To be honest I am not very happy with gmake and ant. It is difficult to
add the functionality to Eclipse. Also we stay dependant for Windows on
Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux, which feels to me awkward. Also
if we want to have people develop on Windows. A good build environment
is vital.

I think I have found a better replacement that supports our needs.
Plus is IMHO realy visionary in how to develop a C++ Project.

Maven with the Nar-maven-plugin

Maven can
# Manage our dependencies
# compile Java
# Compile C++
# Compile JNI interfaces (I am not sure dont we use this massivly)
# The setup works for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, ... (BSD? have to

It will give us
# Integration in Eclipse
# Internal Versioning on our own Moduls. (Resulting in an easier
Release Process)
# Target OS specific build recepies can be maintained.
# prepackaged Java dependencies (I hope, havent checked)

It has potential to supply
# a direct and complete Windows build environment. (I am not sure if we
need cygwin for providing our C++ dependencies, or what possibilities
we have)

There are some caveeats to this Approach
# Apache Maven has not included the nar-maven-plugin
Do not know the consequences. Maybe I think to much. Just want it to be
# Plugin status
Nar-maven-plugin is advocated as mature, but development team is
voluntary base as we are. Only handfull of projects use this approach.
I think they have like 3 active people.
# Features
I think we maven will give us only the ability to compile and tests. No
packaging and signing as of now. At least have not seen any ressources.
# Need of own C++ Repository
We have to build our own Nar Maven repository for our dependencies. I
have read it is a streight forward process. But still, work.
# Project structure
IMHO the biggest one. We must restructure the Project in order to
utilize the build tool. The requirement is

Moduls are supported through maven. So we can do something like:

Ressources to read for more info:
Apache maven -
Nar-maven-plugin -
Eclipse Connector for the plugin -

What are your thoughts? - Have not found any Discussion in the archive
in this direction before.

If okay I would like to evaluate on the feasability. If I talk to
people I will just say that I am evaluating. No desicion has been taken
or requested.
It is because I think If I start talking it is quite opvious where I
come from. Dont do that many Public projects ;) Especially on Github.
(I also invite you to have a look ;) )

All the best

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