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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Creating table of contents in Impress
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2017 17:00:41 GMT
Am 17.09.2017 um 18:30 schrieb Elias Nilsson:
> Hi, I have tried to create a nice table of content in my presentation in
> OpenOffice but with little luck. There is a nice insert table of contents
> in textdocuments but I can't find anything similar in presentation.

right, table of content is a feature that is only used in text 
documents. Therefore it's available only there.

For a presentation it's common to have a agenda. But also here it's very 
unusual to click a topic point to get to the slide somewhere further in 
the presentation.

> When I export the file to PDF I want to be able to click the headers in the
> table of contents and then it should jump down to that specific header. Is
> this possible?

For me it doesn't sound like a presentation but more of a documentation 
where a user doesn't need to read from start to end - like it is common 
for a presenation that is shown with a LCD projector on a wall.

Maybe it is better to do it within the format of a text document?

Please note that this is not a mailing list for user problems. Maybe you 
should look here [1] or [2] (if you prefer to use a web-forum).




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