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From FR web forum <>
Subject Re: I have a recomandation.
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:50:54 GMT
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> De: "Ertuğrul Yılmaz Bekiz" <>
> À:
> Envoyé: Vendredi 16 Février 2018 21:40:39
> Objet: I have a recomandation.
> I am working on tables everyday at my job. My
> recommendation/suggestion is something like task bar right side of
> the word/sheet page, or a task bar floating, hiding and showing up
> when needed or by pressing a shortcut key. This will benefit me to
> not move my mouse upper side of the page every time I need to use a
> menu.
> For example I am organazing data in a table. I am doing 3 job for
> every single cell of the table. Clearing senders formatting ,
> clearing unnecessary free spaces, making text lowercase, but first
> letters are Uppercase.  I will use a floating and hiding manu for
> this. Before start of organizing I will click "create floating menu"
> button then a floating blank menu shows up. I will choose mentined 3
> job and these 3 job will be added to the floating menu. İt is not
> blank any more as long as my job goes on. Then floating menu hided.
> I am choosing first cell for doing mentioned 3 jobs and then it
> floating menu appear automatically or by pressing a shortcut. But no
> on the page but right or left side or a different place I can adjust
> during creation of float menu.
> And there also can be a taskbar at right or left hend side. I believe
> these will be very usefull and somebodies can add additional
> recomandations.
> ( I know there are macros but it would not be so efficient if worker
> is not so good at it )

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