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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [proposal] going Agile
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 23:32:51 GMT
Peter Kovacs wrote:
> I would like to propose that we apply Agile development methods as 
> much as we can.

Well, "as much as we can" is the key here. OpenOffice is as agile as an 
elephant. A lot of us use Agile in their daily work activities, and 
maybe they even like it, but it's a totally different vision from the 
Apache/OpenOffice way.

> 1) I would like to propose a Product Backlog / OIL (OpenIssue) List to 
> priorize Issues we need to work on. The most Valueable item comes to the 
> top, the least to the bottom. What Value exactly is is up to discussion.

Theoretically, we have a list of issues in Bugzilla with target 4.2.0. 
Validating them all and/or setting targets will basically give you what 
you wish. I think Bugzilla has some concept of an issue weight that 
would more or less allow to prioritize issues with the current tooling, 
so this can be done. At least, once we agree on list on a series of 
"must-haves" for 4.2.0, these could be turned into something similar to 
your backlog.

> 2) I would further propose that we create a new Role - The Product Owner.

This is the Release Manager and the community. If someone steps us to do 
the "secretarial" work of maintaining issues, you have your volunteer; 
giving him a title is something we normally don't do, but this is 

> 3) If we agree on the Backlist I further suggest that we open up a Jira 
> Issue Tracker.
> We can keep the Bugzilla Bugtracker for tracking the bugs, and create 
> Issues from it. Or we move to Jira completly.
> Why do I propose the tool change? Because We can track with Jira Issues, 
> have the Backlog and can use a Project wide Kanban board (replacing in 
> part the Sprints from Scrum) to track Which activity has been started. 
> Where we can create Teams.

This won't work. This is tooling that I'm used to using every day, so 
mine is not a resistance to change. Just, it's clear that nobody does 
OpenOffice as his day job, so we can't count on being able to assign an 
issue to someone for example, or on having an issue handled within a 
certain "sprint". At most, we can hope that people will voluntarily do a 
very occasional "scrum" like I do for the localization stuff, reporting 
here when I have some time to work on it and saying where I'm stuck and 
what would be the next step. The rest looks unrealistic.

> if someone wants to stay independant, thats fine. I support that. 
> Freedom is all we want after all. Do you agree?

I think it's not about a desire to stay independent, but the necessity 
to avoid too much structure (despite the name, Agile is a structure, and 
a very very heavy one). We simply can't afford it. Then, if someone 
wants to be a volunteer and maintain (in whatever way; Kanban boards are 
nice, but you don't need JIRA for that; there's plenty of tools for it) 
something that can visually give the idea of where we are for 4.2.0, 
I'll be happy with that. And even with calling her the "Product Owner" 
if she wishes. The impossible thing is to impose a structure on a group 
like us that has scarce and unpredictable availability, and where people 
can't just be assigned a task, and where we need community consensus for 


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