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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [proposal] going Agile
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2018 12:26:14 GMT
Am 10.02.2018 um 07:20 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
> On 09.02.2018 23:08, Marcus wrote:
>> Am 08.02.2018 um 00:32 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>>> Peter Kovacs wrote:
>>>> I would like to propose that we apply Agile development methods as 
>>>> much as we can.
>> it depends what you mean with agile.
>> IMHO forget Scrum as we are not the community to get a commitment for 
>> this.
> Why?

ahm, you should read what I've posted. Then it's getting clear. ;-)

>> Kanban would be nice.
> YAY!
> I take this as a success!! :-D
> One step forward. Thousands more to go.
> So where you would establish the board? - Use trello? Confluence? 
> (Nooooo.... ;) )

We use Confluence already, so whay not to continue.

Of course we can also create an ODF, commit to SVN and everybody who 
wants can work on it. We just need to coordinate who and when to commt.

> Jira has a Backlog and a Kanban board integrated which I am told are 
> very easy to use (Drag & drop I hope...)

I know Jira. But I don't think that it would bring us so many 
advantages. BTW: Drag & Drop is great when you have to move many issues 
quickly to the next status.

Otherwise you can also edit 1-2 fields to change the status. So, I doubt 
that we need this. Therefore a page in Confluence - used as Kanban board 
- will do the same trick.

But there are other key features that could be nice to have (e.g., 
simply the graphically based board "One-Page-Overview".

>> At the end it's a bit problematic for us with the attributes of 
>> volunteers, their unpredictable working time (time to work on 
>> OpenOffice tasks) and the number of volunteers.

Above is IMHO why Scrum is not for us. I mean the workflow etc. Of 
course we can be transparent, open, etc. anyway.

> You agree?

I don't know if a Product Owner makes sense. Kanban don't know about any 
roles. ;-)

The Product Owner is a single person who tells the team what to do. Then 
the team can decide how to do it.

But I don't want to follow a single person. Why not to decide in the 
team what to do and not to do? Then we can put it into the list (or call 
it Kanban board) and take tasks to work on.

We can organize the work and, sure, one person can volunteer to act as 
"Story/Issue writer" and putting tasks into the right order in Jira and 
its Kanban board. Of course you then can call this person Product Owner. ;-)


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