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From Anuj Verma <>
Subject Problem using OpenOffice Base
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2018 18:31:33 GMT
Dear sir,
I am required to use a database software package in the manner written
below. In my institution, I use *Microsoft Access* on *WIndows 8/8.1/10*.
At home, I do not have the package and am using *OpenOffice* [screenshot of
version attached] with Windows 10 and a Java package downloaded using the
instructions from your website. I am required to carry out the steps below
(in the same order).

1. Import existing CSV files into a database [examples attached: *teachers*,
*cars*, *students*]: I normally click on the *Insert tab* in *Access *and
select *Import from text*. Then my file is imported as a table in a new
2. Edit field names and datatypes: I use the *Design view* in *Access*. I
need to assign a primary key and change the datatypes of the fields.
3. Edit data: I just type data into a new row at the bottom of the *Table
4. Create a form and enter data.
5. Create relations: I create one-to-many relations using a Primary key.
6. Generate reports.

I am new to *OpenOffice *and am unable to do anything beyond creating a
blank base file and importing the CSVs into it. [Refer *Window Screenshot*]
Once I double-click on any of the tables and they open in a separate
window, I think I should be able to edit them. However, when I try to
double-click any cell, single-click and press *F2 *or single-click and
press *Delete*, nothing at all happens.

I tried to enter the design view by right-clicking on the table and
selecting Edit. I do see something similar to the Design View of Access,
but again, I cannot edit anything.

As I am unable to carry out tasks 1, 2 and 3, I cannot proceed further with
my assignments. Please help me out.

Anuj Verma

I request you not to use any of the files for any purpose other than
solving my query as I am not the original author and am only licensed to
use them. The CSV files are provided with a textbook recommended for the
Cambridge IGCSE ICT syllabus.

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