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From Peter kovacs <>
Subject Re: Open office software
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2018 21:05:30 GMT
If the pc is new, it will serve your needs.
This Pc is more then sufficient for today's office work needs.

It could be that your offer has a packaged full version Word (but unusual today). So hard
to tell without knowing the offer.

Microsoft usually tells you how long it can be used. Just click on your name upper right corner.

However if your last PC has been a win 95, you might find Word looks very different today.
OpenOffice might be more intuitive to you.
I recommend to try our product. Since it is free of charge, the only invest you do is time.

All the best

Am 6. Juni 2018 20:17:23 MESZ schrieb Mark Thomas <>:
>Hi, I'm ignorant of modern PC's used to MS Word, as used on an old
>operating system!
>I don't do computers.
>But, am trying to write an illustrated novel.. using a word processing
>platform, from ink & paper longhand.
>Old school.
>I bought a hp570 tower.
>1.) I want to just compose my book draft Offline.
>2.) The PC in theory has MS Word software...or does it?
>I was told it won't work for long, as Microsoft charges for Word?
>Will it even work without Internet connection?
>( Things were simpler in the past.)
>It was suggested to me, to download a "free source" word- equivalent
>software program,-such as your ApacheOpenOffice, instead of using
>Is it possible? Does it include similar features to word? Can it easily
>store the unfinished work on a hp570 PC offline? Is Internet required?
>Thanks, Mark in the dark.

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