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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: [Help] Instructions on translating Websites
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2018 19:15:36 GMT
On 6/12/2018 2:13 PM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
> Am 12.06.2018 um 19:38 schrieb Keith N. McKenna:
>> On 6/11/2018 3:59 PM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
>>> Hi Keith,
>>> I think the process described on that page is still accurate.
>>> But although volunteers are willing to translate the pages, most of them
>>> are not committers nor do they have knowledge in subversion.
>>> So, what I did in the past (for several pages) was to give the volunteer
>>> a list of strings (extracted from the website) and they sent it back
>>> translated. Then I put the strings in the page and submitted it.
>>> However this generates a lot of work and it would be great if we find a
>>> way to simplify the process...
>>> Regards,
>>>    Matthias
>> My thinking behind this was to have something that a committer, (mainly
>> myself), with some spare cycles could follow to help expedite these
>> requests.
> That's what I did up to now. See the list attached for Polish.
> For the common volunteer even a HTML file is too hard to understand, so
> I only gave them the needed strings.
> If the volunteer wants to get credits he can be mentioned here:
> Since I am now concentrating on our Windows builds I would be happy if
> someone could take over.
> If needed I can provide files for all translatable strings (main and
> download page).
> Regards,
>    Matthias
As we have a volunteer for Galician and Finnish on l10@ I will try
following the procedure on the website and see how it goes. I will
update how it proceeds on l10@.

>> Regards
>> Keith
>> <snip>

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