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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: Automatic Date is only causing problems
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2018 19:17:14 GMT
Welcome to the developer List.
Computers are stupid, they only know 0 and 1. We have to tell them what it is what you enter.

So we have following choice:
1) have a popup asking you what you want to enter
2) make a guess. The way we guess is the same way Microsoft does it. Because that is what
most people know.

Usually what users do is to preformat the cells. Or because we are all lazy write '12/24.
If you start something with a ' it will marked as text and the ' is not shown.
This is of course also taken from Microsoft Excel.

To preformat a cell you mark it -> right click-> select option formatting-> define
a format.


Am 1. August 2018 15:54:18 MESZ schrieb Alex Perlhagen <>:
>How do i turn Automatic Date off?
>Automatic Date format is only causing problems.
>Please have it turn off by default.
>When i write number divided by number it changes it to a date format
>without asking, and changes the input value to something totally
>different which is wrong because i want to calculate that division of
>When i write a date and change all cells format to text, the date is
>shown totally wrong.
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