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From Fernando Cassia <>
Subject Re: IBM Plex font
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2018 01:41:15 GMT
On 8/9/18, Marcus <> wrote:
> even when it looks nice, is great with scaling and also compatible with
> the AL, I'm wondering what a good purpose could be? Adding a new font
> without any reason would just increase the install size about some
> megabytes (when I see this right at [1]).
> [1]
> Marcus

One of the reasons I always selected StarOffice, besides supporting
the then-parent-company behind (Sun Microsystems) was
the addition of clipart and fonts.

"Font stuff: There are new "metrically compatible" TrueType Microsoft
Windows core fonts. Font substitution is better. You can set up font
substitution with a new improved algorithm that makes the matching
better, including across platforms."

Back to the IBM font... it´s is 3.82 MB is 4.46 MB

I just downloaded from the github project page,
decompressed it to its own subfolder, and recompressed it to 7zip
format using p7zip -mx9 (maximum compression). The resulting packaged
size is 2MB

2MB doesn´t seem like a killer size increase to me...

Just my two cents worth...

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