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From Cosmin Apreutesei <>
Subject Technical question regarding line wrapping with bidirectional text
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2018 13:27:09 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an answer to a dilemma I have about text layouting and
I was wondering if I might get some thoughts about how that's done in
OO Write.

In short, the Unicode Bidi Algorithm requires that reordering of mixed
RTL/LTR text runs be done after line breaking. But the line wrapping
algorithm needs to know which text runs go first/last on each line in
order to compute the line width, because there might be diff. amount
of whitespace between runs, so depending on the order of the runs
within the line, the line will have a diff. width. Looks like a
chicken-egg problem and I can't figure it out. Why is this not a
problem in any bidi-enabled text editor? How is that solved in


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